Sunday, August 28, 2016

Still Going Strong


I'm glad the contemporary music at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Des Moines is still outstanding. The names and faces of the vocalists and the folks playing the musical instruments in the group change periodically, pastors come and go, music directors change, parishioners transfer to bigger, fancier churches, but the spiritual sounds and messages at the 10:30 a.m. services on Sundays at Mount Olive continue to be powerful.

Friday, August 26, 2016



This is the night the football season--at least the high school variety--gets started in a bigtime way throughout the state of Iowa.

Jim Sullivan. Photo courtesy of the Waterloo Courier
Unfortunately for all of us, Jim Sullivan of Waterloo, a nice man with a nice writing touch, won't be part of it. 

Sullivan, a longtime member of the sportswriting staff  at the Waterloo Courier, died of an apparent heart attack early today.

Hollywood would love the story--a 61-year-old assistant sports editor being found unresponsive at his desk after putting the final touches to today's sports pages [as Pat Kinney of the Courier reported].

But this isn't Hollywood.

This is Iowa, and it's not make-believe.

A lot of us are experiencing sadness as a football season starts and Jim Sullivan isn't a part of it.

I worked alongside Sullivan [or Sully, as he was known to many] in press boxes around the country for a lot of years.

He was always pleasant, always helpful, always quick with some type of humor regardless of whether the team we were covering won or lost, or whether the coaches and players were in a good mood or a bad mood.

One of the last times I saw Sully was on a Friday in Denver. He was on his way to Boulder, Colo.,  to cover an Iowa State football game against Colorado.

I hadn't talked sports with him for a while, so I made arrangements to fly to Denver to have a late lunch with Sully on the eve of the game. 

In those days [and also presently], I was able to fly free anywhere I wanted to go on a space-available basis.

So it was off to Denver to talk football with a guy who knew all about what was going on at the collegiate and high school levels.
We had a great talk. 

He was the same old Sully.

Afterward, he drove to Boulder in his rented car, and I flew back to Des Moines.

I had seen Sully in a press box or two since, but not enough.

I'll miss Sully and his writing a lot.

His wife Kim and his son Pete survive.  My prayers and thoughts are with them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Gala Wedding Of Cole and Danielle Maly On July 30, 2016

The Happy Bride and Groom
Ron and Maxine With Their Six Wonderful Grandchildren On Wedding Day In Norfolk, NE. Left to Right: Cole, Claire, Shelby, Jerika, Maxine, Ron, Megan, Nate
Bridesmaids Plus One
Danielle, the Beautiful Bride

The Bride and Groom On Their Limousine Ride Following the Wedding
Claire, Shelby, Jerika and Megan With Grandpa On the Big Day
Cole, Claire, Shelby, Jerika, Ron, Megan, Nathan
Gifts Galore
Grandma Maxine Maly

A Great Time Was Had By All
Pride and Happiness: At the Right Is Polly Maly, Mother Of the Groom. At the Left Is Rhonda Piske, Mother Of the Bride.
Megan, Grandpa Maly, Shelby

Megan, Grandpa Maly, Jerika, Shelby
Claire, Shelby, Jerika, Grandpa Maly, Megan, Nate

Wendy. a Good Friend Of Mark, Polly and Their Family, Made It To the Wedding All the Way From Her Home In Italy
Grandma Maly's Lavender Rose Wrist Corsage
Danielle, Cole and the Pastor
It's Dance Time, With Or Without Shoes, Following the Wedding
More Dancing
Gift Opening the Morning After the Wedding
There Was Evem Meet The Malys Popcorn
Danielle Maly

Claire and Her Good Friend Savannah Enjoy Tex-Mex Food At the Rehearsal Dinner

Jerika and Shelby With Grandma Maly