Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It Had To Happen Sometime

Well, you knew it was going to happen sometime.
A Nebraska football victory, I mean.
After some ugly losses and a few finishes that first-year coach Scott Frost said were “unbelievable,” Nebraska steamrolled a very bad Minnesota team, 53-28, today in Lincoln:
The Cornhuskers went into the game after losing their first six under Frost, of whom much is expected.
I made it a point to watch the final few minutes of the game on TV to see reaction in the stadium.
Fans did not storm the field to celebrate:
Good for them. I’m glad they didn’t.
Nebraska’s players celebrated by dumping a huge container of Gatorade on Frost [pictured].
The victory makes me happy for Nebraska’s fans, especially Polly, Mark, Cole and Danielle, Claire, Connie and Tom, their son, daughters and their son and daughters’ kids.


It took far too long, but officials at the University of Maryland have finally regained their sanity.
They fired football coach DJ Durkin today—24 hours after he was reinstated.
One other thing. If you think Maryland is a screwed-up place, you are right

Enough Already

I don’t pay attention to stuff like this the way I once did. I’m trying to figure out how and why Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley is being mentioned in connection with a future National Football League draft. Just because some guy from ESPN said something about it? Stanley maybe even being a first-rounder in the draft? Nobody in his or her right mind should be saying something like that at this stage. Stanley has plenty of collegiate football games left to play. Let the young man enjoy them. Enough already.

I've Got My Answer On Dominique Dafney

I’ve been wondering how Dominique Dafney has been doing, and now I’ve got my answer.
Pretty darned good.
Indeed, Michigan State P quarterback Rocky Lombardi wasn’t the only former football player from Valley High School in West Des Moines to help his team in a Big Ten Conference game this past weekend.
Dafney had quite a Saturday, too.
The Iowa junior blocked a punt for a 2-point safety on Penn State’s first possession in a game the Hawkeyes eventually lost, 30-24.
Dafney is a former two-sport [football and basketball] standout at Valley.
I saw him play many times in both sports. The teams were outstanding, and so was Dafney.
He was a four-year football letterman as a wide receiver, and also lettered four times on Valley’s very good basketball teams.
From Valley, Dafney went to Iowa Western Community College to play football, then to Iowa.
In 2017 as a Hawkeye, he played in all 13 games on special reams and received Academic all-Big Ten recognition. I’m
However, the 6-2, 225-pounder wasn’t listed on the depth chart at wide receiver following spring practice.
So it was good to see him again make his presence known on special teams at State College, PA.
His blocked punt was Iowa’s first since Aaron Mends blocked one against Maryland on Oct. 31, 2015.

Rocky Wasn't Just Impressive. He Was Spectacular

Hey, Rocky Lombardi, that was quite a career major-college debut you had today as a starting quarterback at Michigan State.
It wasn’t just impressive. It wasn’t just outstanding.
It was extraordinary. It was spectacular. It was fantastic.
“I thought Rocky played a tremendous game,” Mark Dantonio, his coach at Michigan State, told reporters.
So did I, and I saw Rocky play many tremendous football games for Valley High School in West Des Moines.
Lombardi was a standout quarterback and wrestler for the Tigers.
Rocky’s younger brother, Beau, is the starting quarterback for the Valley team that has a 10-0 record this season.
Rocky has taken his many talents to the Big Ten Conference. He was on the football team at Michigan State last season, but the plan was for him to practice with the Spartans and save a year of eligibility by not playing in games.
I’ve never regarded Dantonio as one of the geniuses of collegiate football coaching.
But he made the right decision in holding Lombardi out of competition in 2017.
Now Rocky is a redshirt freshman, and he was in the starting lineup today for the first time in his collegiate career.
All he did was complete 26 of 46 passes for 318 yards and two touchdowns in Michigan State’s surprise [to me anyway] 23-13 victory over Purdue.
Don’t forget, it was Purdue that sent a jolt through the collegiate football world a week earlier with a resounding 49-20 victory over Ohio State.
So it wasn’t just some sorry excuse for a Division I team with a bunch of low-caliber schmucks on the roster that Lombardi was going against at East Lansing, Mich.
And Rocky was definitely up for the challenge.
Believe me, 26 pass completions for 318 yards and two touchdowns was Big Ten Player of the Week-type stuff.
“Forty-six attempts is a lot,” Lombardi told reporters after the game. “I’m happy that I got that many attempts and got to show what I did.

Rocky Lombardi and Megan Maly celebrating their graduation from Valley High School in 2017.