Monday, March 20, 2017

A Quandary


I'm in a quandary.

I can't decide if I want Gregg Marshall or
Steve Alford to be Indiana's next basketball coach.
Oh, I know neither guy exactly needs another job.
Marshall is already being paid $3.3 million a year to coach at Wichita State.
Alford's salary at UCLA is $2.6 million a year.
But the names of both Marshall and Alford are significant among those being tossed around to be the successor to Tom Crean, who was fired at Indiana a day after his team lost a game in a postseason tournament no coach wants his team to be in--the NIT.
The reason I'd kind of like Marshall to land the Indiana job is because I think he and his wife Lynn [especially Lynn] need a change of scenery.
I think Lynn has outgrown Wichita, KS.. Or maybe Wichita has seen enough of Lynn.
Let me tell you about Lynn, who is pictured, courtesy of Google.
She had to be escorted out of her seat in the arena after her husband's Wichita State team lost to Kentucky 65-62 yesterday in a second-round NCAA tournament game at Indianapolis.
Two reporters sitting in front of Lynn thought she'd had a couple of adult beverages too many, and that may have been the reason she was throwing the "F" word around so many times during and after the game.
Security people talked with her several times during the game, but that didn't stop her from shouting at Kentucky coach John Calipari to "shut the "F" up, and saying some other things you don't expect to hear a coach's wife saying in public.
Final statistics on the game did not include Lynn Marshall's blood-alcohol level, but I think she is exactly what Indiana University and the city of Bloomington deserve.
If her husband were to get the Hoosiers job, she'd light up the campus and the city the way they haven't been lit up since Bobby Knight was ccaching Indiana.
Indiana basketball needs a kick in the butt, and Lynn Marshall is just the person who can handle it.
Now to Alford, who once had a coaching stint at Iowa [1999-2007], and didn't leave the job exactly on the best of terms. One of his players there was Pierre Pierce. Enough said.
I don't have enough time and space to write about that mess.
After Iowa grew tired of Alford, he took the coaching job at New Mexico. He's been at UCLA since 2013.
Hand it to the guy. He has one of the best teams in America this season at UCLA, and it's one that could win the national championship.
At least one of his freshmen, Lonzo Ball, will be playing in the NBA as early as next season.
Alford played on one of Knight's teams at Indiana that won an NCAA championship, and Hoosier fans certainly are fond of him.
Dan Dakich, the former Indiana player who now is a TV and radio guy and has an opinion on everything, thinks Alford should be Indiana's coach.
If Dakich thinks so, I guess it should happen.
Because Alford still has a team in the NCAA tournament, he thinks it's necessary to be coy when asked about the Indiana job.
“When I quickly trusted God and my faith, my journey has taken me to a place I had no idea that was going to be my journey and I’ve fallen in love with every spot,’’ he told reporters. “I’ve met great people, great institutions. …
“I love Los Angeles. You’re talking about arguably the greatest brand anywhere on the planet, and we got things going at a very high level now and we’re very excited about it. We’re excited about being in this tournament and seeing what we can do in this tournament.’’
“I can’t control what gets talked about....We’re very focused on what we’ve got to do.’’
I think Alford would fit right in at Indiana. People say you can't go home again, but he is something special and he could go home again. Just ask him.
I think it would be great having Stevie-boy bring his Indiana team into Iowa City for a game in the next year or so.
I'll bet the ticket people at Carver-Hawkeye Arena wouldn't have problems getting a full house